Culture of Accountability

Positive accountability drives workplace engagement, growth, and achievement. Do you look around your organization and see plenty of responsible employees, yet something is still lacking that’s preventing progress? DOOR in cooperation with Partners in Leadership® provides you with the solutions to help your team become not just responsible, but accountable for the results.

Our team of professionals will help you, creating greater alignment and ownership for results that matter most.

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ST Creating a Culture of Accountability Roger Connors
ST Creating a Culture of Accountability Roger Connors
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Culture is constantly working to tell us what to do. Culture never takes a holiday or vacation, never calls in sick, never misses a meeting or an event, sits on every team and in every department. And largely determines how we will execute and follow through.

Culture is always working, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not. The question isn't “Do we have a culture?” – the question is “Does our culture supercharge our efforts to achieve the results we are held accountable to get? Is our culture helping or hindering?”. Culture produces results and the results we are currently getting – good or bad – they are the product of your current culture.