Lead Culture®

Accelerate culture change by creating alignment and accountability for the change effort and get real traction around achieving your Key Results. Leverage our award-winning Lead Culture solution, powered by The New York Times bestselling book Change the Culture, Change the Game, to shape your culture with a proven blend of strategic hands-on consulting services and scalable training approaches.

Why Lead Culture?

Lead culture is a Culture Management process. This is not a one-time event or training session, it is a large-scale solution for the transformation of the company. Its aim is to invigorate what´s working in the culture today and to accelerate the necessary shifts in the culture to achieve results at every level of the organization. This will help close the accountability gaps between how people actually think and act in their daily work and how the organization strategically needs them to think and act in their daily work to produce the desired results. The program will assist the leadership team in successfully defining, articulating, aligning and communicating the key cultural shifts and achieve the targeted business results.


  • Cultural assessment of the organization. DOOR’s Executive Facilitators interview selected members of the executive team in one-on-one online and offline interviews. Additionally, a selected group of leaders from various levels throughout the organisation complete a comprehensive on-line Partners In Leadership Organizational Culture Assessment, which will be used primarily as a method to prepare the DOOR team to facilitate the culture process and to assist in preparing the leader for his role in the culture change process. The interviews and assessment will purposefully identify the beliefs, attitudes and practices and will reveal what needs to shift in how people “think and act” in order to achieve the desired business results.
  • Develop The Cultural Beliefs. Two-Day Workshop. The first day of the Two-Day Develop the Cultural Beliefs workshop is designed to assist organizational leaders in defining the needed shifts in the way they think and act and articulate those shifts in terms of the new Cultural Beliefs. The Cultural Beliefs will be built specifically to influence actions and drive personal and collective ownership for business results.

    The second day of this workshop develops leadership proficiency around each of the Key Culture Management Tools needed to create and maintain a Culture of Accountability®. A plan to integrate these tools into the daily activity of the Senior Leadership Team is created, around which alignment is achieved.

  • Implementation. Conduct the Partners In Leadership Present the Cultural Beliefs One Day Workshop for Next Level Management of the organisation. This workshop parallels the experience of the development of the Cultural Beliefs by the Senior Leadership Team, accelerating the enrolment and alignment of the team in the cultural change process.
  • Support. After the initial two-day workshop, Senior Leadership Team Integration Meetings (which occur at key intervals during the first year of the process) will deepen the Senior team’s ability to use the Partners In Leadership proprietary tools, models and methods needed to accelerate alignment and create the new organizational culture and new results targeted by the organisation. In these sessions, each member of the team further develops their individual leadership capability so that they can lead the change, emulate the changes in their own behaviour, and facilitate changes in those they lead and manage.
  • Feedback. DOOR will seek and prepare Focused Feedback on each member of the Executive Team. This feedback will reveal where each member of the team demonstrates the C₂ Culture and where they need to demonstrate it more completely. One-on-one executive coaching is conducted with each individual and is used to accelerate needed change.

Internal facilitator training

To operationalize and sustain in the culture change process, we propose a three-year non-exclusive license to use Partners In Leadership’s Accountability programs, and the accompanying Trade Secrets and Propriety Materials (per terms and conditions of the final agreement) to train all university employees.

The purpose of the license is to integrate Partners In Leadership’s intellectual property (IP), including their proprietary models, methods and tools for accelerating culture change, in current training and development efforts, as well as existing internal meetings, in reward, recognition and communication systems, coaching models, etc.


  • Significantly reduce implementation costs.
  • Accelerate the delivery and implementation of accountability training throughout the organization.
  • Provide flexibility to customize the training to existing training, e-learning, video training, etc. and to each identified function, location, and level.
  • Create greater ownership and leadership for implementation and integration of accountability throughout your organization.