Mission possible

Unique interactive and intensive program that answers the need of being effective and focused in a highly disruptive work environment. Develops leaders and executives to apply six timeless principles in order to improve productivity and translates them into contemporary up to date solutions, highly useful best practice and user-friendly tools.

Mission Possible™ program includes unique AHA moments and realizations that make the learning experience really challenging at times and very direct. It is highly effective for millennials and knowledge age workers. Develops a “can do”, proactive state of mind, restores sense of control & focus and reduces burnout and being over busy. Provides very strong drive for commitment and implementation. Can save 3 to 4 hours daily and make them more productive, leading participants to accomplish more in all areas of life!

How does it work?


Online and offline interviews with senior leaders and selected group of participants

Face to Face Intervention

Two half days or 1-day training (8 hours) offline or online, including an addition for managers that provides participants with scientific definitions, prominent quotes, real life stories, practical exercises, expert’s advice, theoretical input, secrets, powerful tools, best practice, exercises, realizations and commitment to:

  • Create focus in a “disruptive reality“
  • Be the driver, not the passenger
  • Maximize resources and create new patterns
  • Delegate and prosper

Following the workshop / Individually Customized Approach

Coaching sessions within 2 months after the workshop, as an integral part for transforming knowledge into action purposes.

What Can You Expect?

A highly structured and fast 8-hour leadership development workshop. Unfolds in a unique and comprehensive way: from the quarterly, to monthly, weekly, daily, and momentarily focus. Includes an addition especially for managers. Highly impactful, engaging, and challenging process that improves effectiveness for the individual and the organization. Little theory, much practicality and experience. Results in strong commitments utilizing modern digital tools with excellent track record globally. The coaching sessions help individual adaptation.