Organisational navigation

A structured strategic process for leadership teams creating together the next phase of the organization’s strategy and focus. Provides senior leadership teams an in-depth analysis and reading of the current map. Fast and deep process in-bound and out bound.

The organization’s compass is created together, therefore inspiring a high level of buy-in and accountability in the leadership team. High impact, engaging, focusing, result-oriented process in the midst of changes. Brings the organization to high levels of clarity, alignment, direction and engagement.

Builds a competitive strength to differentiate your organization in the marketplace of the future.

How does it work?


A process of interviews, web-based assessments, and analysis and finally customization of the solution to the organization based on the findings.

Face to Face Intervention

A two-day interactive facilitated process based on the N.E.W.S.® Compass™, creating the next phase of the organization together.


Four annual check points

Optional N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™.

What Can You Expect?

A fast and deep process based on two days structured strategic workshop.

A High impact process creating commitment, engagement, and renewed motivation. Outstanding business results with a globally proven track record and clear deliverables for the next phase of the organization.