Building Effective Teams

We believe that business success is the result of open, highly functional relationships—within and among teams and between leaders and reports. Core Strengths: Results through relationships® is the solution which helps organizations build effective teams and achieve their goals.

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The competitive, ever changing marketplace requires a people that are more agile and better able to support job mobility and interchangeable skills. Beyond the technical competence, one of the most important interchangeable skills needed to support this transformation effort is understanding how to build collaborative relationships which are the key to effective teams.

A Focus on Results

Core Strengths: Results through Relationships program helps managers and teams understand how to engage others by communicating in ways that they comprehend and connects to their core motivations. They also learn how to make the right adjustments so people’s communication needs are met when things go wrong and conflict occurs. The end result? Stronger relationships, higher productivity, engagement, and a more agile workforce that values differing thought and actions. With the ability to resolve conflict quickly, teams reduce the time and resources spent on conflict. They have more time to work collaboratively, instead of losing opportunities or missing deadlines, because they could not get along.

What We Investigate

Core Strengths is powered by the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0) and the Strengths Portraits, two valid and reliable assessments that enable self-awareness. Self-awareness is essential, because it is the prerequisite to self-management, understanding others, and improving working relationships. Personality is enduring; it’s who we are. The SDI opens a window on personality by making our Motivational Value System (MVS) visible. Simply stated, the SDI shows how three primary motives blend in each person:

  • People – to help and develop others
  • Performance – to direct action and achieve results
  • Process – to establishing clear and meaningful order

People’s motives change as they enter conflict. Everyone reacts differently to a conflict. Some want to keep the peace, some want to go it alone. The SDI 2.0 Conflict Sequence enables people to correctly “see” a conflict in themselves and others – and to manage it more effectively.

What You Get

The Core Strengths Workshop features:

  • Interactive lessons on how to assess motives — yours and others' – and choose the right strengths in your high-stakes situations
  • Insightful discussions with peers about overcoming common stumbling blocks that get in the way of collaborative communication
  • State-of-the-art tools that deliver your personalized results
  • Compelling videos showing strengths-based communication in action
  • Hands-on exercises that let you practice the skills essential for working better together

Program formats:

  • Live session, duration 4-8 hours
  • Online session, duration 4-8 hours