Entrepreneurial Thinking

In today’s ever-changing interconnected world, more and more companies realize how important it is to infuse that entrepreneurial mindset into the workplace, but they do not always know how to do it. Unlock higher levels of collaboration, creativity and proactivity in your team and organization… while also having fun!

Entrepreneurial thinking is the number one skill your company needs. In this new shared economy filled with millennials flooding into the workspace, companies are cultivating a thriving work environment. One that values creativity, self-expression, proactive thinking, collaboration, and innovation. This is exactly where the FreshBiz fits in.

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FreshBiz - это простая и в то же время глубоко продуманная бизнес симуляция, в которой участники превращаются в предпринимателей. За счёт игровой модели участники погружаются в процесс, в ходе которого каждый открывает для себя возможность проявлять и использовать навыки, которые включают в себя креативность, умение посмотреть на задачу в необычном ракурсе, коллаборацию и командное взаимодействие, способность увидеть новые возможности в привычных условиях. С помощью игровых сессий FreshBiz, ваши сотрудники получат новый опыт, отработают нестандартные подходы и навыки для достижения общих командных результатов.

A Focus on Results

FreshBiz is a simple yet profound business simulation which turns business teams into entrepreneurial thinkers. FreshBiz help organizations develop the skills of the future, which include Teamwork, Proactivity, Hyper Collaboration, Creativity, Network Thinking, Problem Solving, Creating Opportunities, Next level Leadership, Self-Expression & more, using the power of fun, rich immersive experiences.

Our game-based workshops that we have already run for over 50 000 across the planet are ideal for business strategy, team building, conferences, team meetings and sales retreats. Even after just one session with FreshBiz your team will become smarter, more creative, proactive entrepreneurial thinkers ready to play a smarter game of business.

What You Get

During the game-based business simulation session participants must work together, communicate and be creative, in order to overcome challenges & win the game as a team immersive experience gives immediate reflection on how people play business in real life

It demonstrates what is possible when we choose to play with a fresh mindset and let go of old beliefs which no longer serve us

The debriefing generates a world of new insights, and participants leave with effective action items on reviewing their own potential and the strengths of their team

Program formats

  • Play a smarter game of business in less than 3 hours!
  • FreshBiz is can be used as a stand-alone session for bigger groups of up to 300 people.