We believe that each of us is able to manage what at first glance seems to be beyond our control.

We want our thoughts and actions to help us rise above the circumstances and help us achieve the desired results.


The main idea of the company is to find simple, fast and effective solutions and tools that change people's lives for the better and can be relevant in any aspect of your life, both personal and organizational, with your family and colleagues.

By partnering with friends and colleagues around the world and in various industries, disciplines and cultural backgrounds from almost anywhere in the world, we can share our experience and find the right solution.


We create and implement comprehensive solutions that include consulting on strategy alignment and implementation, culture assessment and transformation services with a focus on results, and world-class content to leverage processes and improve employee skills.

DOOR Russia is part of a large international family of DOOR International. DOOR International is global leader in human performance improvement. Established 1981 in the Netherlands and internationally operating since 1992, DOOR is offering a wide and unique portfolio of world class solutions and DOOR owned training programs. For more than 5 years in Russia and the CIS countries, DOOR Russia has been implementing programs related to a culture of Accountability and a focus on results.

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John Scott

Paul Kelly
Steven D. Masterpolo
Merck KGaA
Rekha Wunnava
Director of Global Manufacturing IT Ford
"We have already been recommended to other organizations by Burger King franchisees, and we are sure that there will be even more such recommendations!»
Mattson Newell
Director Of Partners In Leadership
Rina Bansal


DOOR Russia is a partner of DOOR International in Russia and the CIS countries, is one of the authorized partners of Partners In Leadership, Core Strengths, N.E.W.S. Coaching and Training and FreshBiz.

DOOR clients vary from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and we approach each and every clinet individually.
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